So after doing a couple of days of school with Landen, I decided I didn’t like how “unfun”(his words, not mine) it was. So I starting looking into different activities that we could do. I think we are going to be including Before Five In A Row to our curriculum and start lap booking. Hopefully this will help spice up the school work.

Now we just have to wait until our book order shows up! But we will continue schooling until then and make the adjustment when they arrive! Cant wait to get started!


Back To School!

Landen was so excited to start back to school. This was such a big difference from last school year. There were no tears, no screaming, only “mommy can we start school today?”. Today was a fairly easy day, we started with our group time saying a morning prayer and talking about the days of the weeks and months of the year. We even said our pledge to the flag.

We did some handwriting, math, and of coarse worked on our reading.

And finally we waited on Daddy to get home and took our nature walk!

We were suppose to do a nature walk but in true FL afternoon fashion it started raining! So it had to be put off to another day!

This year started off wonderfully! I could not have asked for my kids to make day 1 any better! Praying that this will continue through out our first year!

I have been gathering things for the school room over the last few months however it is not even close to being done however here this is where it is at right now.

We have a storage area for all of our books and activities for Lexi

Our All About Reading area

Our Calendar Time area

And finally I love to show off the kids work so we have an area of the room dedicated to showing of their art work.

There are so many things I would still love to have for this room such as a world map and a USA map. I really need to work on the Calendar time and include the weather and also a yesterday, today and tomorrow area. We will also be including a computer area so that Landen can play educational games and videos in his class room and Lexi wont be able to bother him.

If you haven’t checked it out yet head over to ihomeschool Network to check out how others “school room” looks!

We will be starting Awana’s on Aug 19. So will will be reviewing what they have covered each week and working on his memory verses.


All About Reading Pre-Reader– Reviewing letters and word families also the sounds they make. We will probably be through this by Christmas and will pick up All About Reading-Level 1 when we finish.


K4-handwirting, spelling


K4– basic math concepts


Elemental Science Exploring– We will be following the 2-day program

We will also be working on schedules, helping around the house. cutting pasting, but mostly just being a kid! Landen is 4 and I want him to be learning but also having fun! So once it cools off we will be spending a lot of time outside exploring the world around us. There are so many fun things to do around here that I want to make sure he gets to experience the area we live in. 

Head over to ihomeschool.com to check out what others have to say about their curriculum.

I came across this post on one of the homeschooling blogs I enjoy reading! I decided that I really need to post some of my goals for this next month so that I can look back and see how much progress I have made. So I decided to link up with Mama Jenn to help keep myself accountable!


Work on reading my bible more and find time to study the word. I have tried to commit to doing different studies in the past but things always seem to come up and I stop making time for it.


Set aside time everyday to spend time just the two of us even if it is just 10 mins before bed. Make sure to show him I am interested in what is going on with him.


Get back to our chore chart. We have really slacked on making Landen complete his chores everyday.


Have dedication to our first year schooling. Be patient and get it time to get all the kinks worked out.

We are starting Aug. 6


Start freezer cooking. Start by doubling recipes and work up to once a month cooking!


Work on writing more constantly. Research how to make blog better.

Participate in the 2012 Not Back To School Blog Hop


Get some new embroidery designs done

Get my Etsy shop up and running

Get my website up and running. BizzyBugDesigns

So I have a few goals that I would like to accomplish in the next 30 days and I think I can work each one! Do you have any goals for the next month? Link up at Mama Jenn’s

Myrtle Beach Trip 2012

Every year for my entire life my family, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have all gotten together at the beach this year my kids had and absolute bash!

They got to know some of their cousins and spending time with Nana and Papa. It was also a nice break from working around the house.  

We went putt putting and walked around some piers looking at some of the fishing boats.  

We also got to show off some of Landen’s golfing skills!

Unfortunately both kids go sick during the week so the week ended with 2 trips to the emergency room.

We also made a trip thru North Carolina to see Shane’s mom and a quick stop through GA

It was a busy 9 days but it was great to see all of our family and friends. But of coarse its nice to be back in our own home!


Shane and I had been thinking about a dog for a long time. And finally after searching and searching we found the perfect dog. She was in a shelter and had been there almost a month when we adopted her. We had to take her to get her to get checked up by the vet and this is when we found out that our newest baby has heart worms. Today we started her treatment! It is going to be a long and hard process. Our poor little girl must stay in a cage for the next 2 weeks and then for the next 4 weeks she can walk around but must remain calm. After that she still had 3 more treatments and can not return to her normal self until next May. This is going to be a very hard process for her and for us. But hopefully she will come through this with and be back to her spunky self soon!