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Lego Field Trip September 2012

Head over to Hip Homeschool Hop and check out what other people have done this week


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We enjoyed our Labor Day weekend by spending sometime in the sun.

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So its been a while since I did one of these. But since we have all been sick this week there has been a lot A LOT of laying around, rocking, hugging… you know just about anything that can be done to make our kids happy!

Entertaining our children during the 2nd trip to the ER!

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Wordless Wednesday

My boys and their new activity together!

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I think he watches his daddy just a little to much!

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Landen drawing in the sand

Landen’s dragon

Sad! The waves washed it away!

He is a resilient little guy, he just moved up the beach and started again!

Ok so today was not “wordless” maybe I can do better next week….. probably not!

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