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(WARNING: Post Full of Pictures!)
Lexi had lots of visitors yesterday! All of her grandparents and great grandparents were here to see her.
Lexi and her grandparents!

The Great-Grands

Her Aunt and Uncles also came by.

She is the only girl on Shane’s side of the family.

But most importantly she met her big brother. He thinks she is great, especially since she gave him a new toy, Jessie from Toy Story 2 and 3.


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EVC Update

Well after having the baby monitored for a hour to make sure that she was strong enough to continue with the procedure. Finally the doctor came in, they located her on the ultrasound and made sure that she was still breech. She was so they proceeded to physically try to turn her after pushing on her for about 20 mins the doctor stopped and told me that he was not comfortable pushing on her any more. She was handling it really well but no matter what the doctor was doing she would not budge so he didn’t see any reason to continue to push on her. So now here we sit, she is still breech with her head in my ribs and her butt at my hip bone. So right now we are headed to the doctor on Friday to see when they can schedule a c-section, and hopefully she will turn on her own before then.

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38 weeks

So yesterday I was excited, I was going to for my 38-week checkup and going to get to see my little girl on the ultrasound. We were also going to be seeing how big she is and scheduling an induction so that Shane could come home for her birth. When the ultrasound started I knew something was wrong, where there was suppose to be a head I saw two feet then she moved up by my ribs and I saw her head. It didn’t take long before the ultrasound tech confirmed what I had already seen, our little is in the breech position. She also informed me that if we could not get the baby to turn that I would have to have a c-section. She got all the measurements and said that my little girl is measuring around 6- 6 ½ lbs. After about 30 mins I was finally sent to see the midwife, she immediately told me that this was not good and that I could not deliver the baby this way, it would be a danger to both her and to me. I was given 2 options. The first being a c-section, I know that c-sections are very routine but after giving birth to Landen and knowing that I could do it I would hate to deliver a smaller baby by c-section. The other option was to have an External cephalic version (ECV) where they will try to turn the baby from the outside of my belly. There are some risks in this and because of this there is still a chance of having to have a c-section so the procedure is done in the Labor/Delivery unit at the hospital. The procedure is about 58% successful, but is more successful on mothers who have had previous pregnancies. They will be monitoring her the entire time to make sure that her cord is not getting damaged or that her heart rate does not drop. I will be connected to a non-stress test before and after the procedure to make sure that both of us are ok to proceed with the ECV. Some other complications that can occur are that it may send me into labor and our little girl will be born today. It could also not work and I would still have to have a c-section. After speaking with the doctor, he seems to think that I am a good candidate to have EVC. Its hard sometimes to make these decisions about our children, especially when Shane is not here, but after speaking with him he is comfortable with my decision, which really helped calm down my fears. So today at 3pm I will be having a EVC, hopefully things will go smoothly and everything will work out.

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37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks OFFICALY FULL TERM
Total weight gain: 33lbs (have not gained any weight since 35 weeks)
Maternity clothing: none of my clothing fits since she flipped and dropped so I am basically stuck with sweats. I still wear my jeans but they are just not that comfortable anymore.
Best moment this week: visiting the doctor and getting to talk about a possible induction. I spoke to the midwife and she made me feel much better about the possible complications and she thinks that I would be a good candidate since I have already given birth naturally and since my baby was so big the first time.
Gender: TEAM PINK!!!!
Sleep: I don’t get very much, I cant get comfortable and have to get up and pee ALL the time. But I am trying to go to bed earlier to make up for it.
Movement: She doesn’t kick as much anymore, but she squirms a lot!
Belly button: poking out!
What I miss: wearing my own clothes. I cant to be comfortable in clothing again!
What I am looking forward to: Landen meeting his new baby sister. We talk about her all the time and he looks at my belly and says “come out baby”!
Milestone: I am officially full term, so she could come at anytime. It is amazing how fast these last 37 weeks have flown by! I cant believe that in less than 3 weeks I will have a new little on in my life!

At my doctor visit on Thursday, she said I was dilated 2 cm and 70% effaced! I next appointment is on Tuesday, they will do an ultrasound to see how big she is and then set a date for induction. Hopefully by setting a date for induction Shane will be able to make his plane reservations to and be able to get home in time for the birth!

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Happy Valentines Day
My little Valentine!

He wanted pancakes this morning, so we had heart-shaped pancakes. (he wanted me to take a picture after the syrup)

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This weeks Build & Grow was a music box. Landen loved helping put it together but was really excited about putting on the heart top. It a very cute project, I just wish the music that it plays was a little different! It repeats the same 5 notes over and over and over again! But Landen really likes it and has enjoyed hiding things inside of it.

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This was our first Build & Grow since Shane left and it was a little bit of an adjustment for both Landen and me. It was good that it was a simple project since I have had problems in the past with helping him put the kit together. It was also really nice to have Nana and Papa there to help out.

He got to make a ball toss and we have enjoyed trying to get the balls in the holes. Its not as easy as it looks TRUST ME!!!

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