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We have been really busy the past few weeks. Between moving and Christmas its been really crazy around the Lepock household. I am going to try to write a few update posts in the upcoming days, tomorrow we have a 3D ultrasound so hopefully I will have lots of pictures of our little princess to share plus an update on the pregnancy. I also have lots of Christmas pictures to post and pictures of our home for the next six months. Plus pictures of Landen’s and Mommy’s 1st White Christmas and pictures of our snow day. I have not finished getting our house set up but Landen’s room is all set up with his big boy bed with his new Toy Story sheets that Santa brought him. I cant wait to start writing these updates hopefully I wont forget any of the important details. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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Sorry for the lack of postings but life has been a little crazy around here. Trying to pack up the house, especially with our stuff going three different places! I hope to update on some of our Holiday activities soon.

So the POD has been delivered and the packing has already begun. Its going to be a crazy few weeks around here tying up lose ends and getting all the work done around here. The outside still needs to be painted, the wallpaper inside needs to be taken down, the walls inside need to be painted, and everything still needs to be packed up! Having to decide what Landen and I can live without for six months has been the hardest part. On top of having to figure out what Landen and I need I also have to figure out what I need for our little girl for the first few months of her life. Right now staging has been the most important thing, everything has to be organized by what is going where even down to the furniture. I have a hard time with things not being in their place and right now I feel like I am just living in complete and total chaos and it is very hard for me, I cant stand not being able to find my clothing when I need it! Hopefully Shane can help me get some more organizing done this week and we will be able to find some clarity in all the chaos otherwise it is going to be a tough few weeks. I am glad that Shane is here to help me move furniture and boxes, I just wish I could be more help to him in working on the house. I am reminded ever day what a wonderful man I am married to he goes to work every morning at 4:30 and usually doesn’t get home until 4:00 in the afternoon then he comes home and plays with Landen and after all of that then he still helps me move boxes around.
T-12 days till we move!

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