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Halloween 2011

Landen was SUPER excited about Halloween this year! This is the 1st year that he really understood it!

We didn’t decorate much but I did see some cute and cheep decorations on Pinterest

These are just milk jugs with painted faces

And we build a foam house from a kit I picked up at Michaels.

When I asked Landen what he wanted to he his first answer was Wolverine! That was back in September! His answer NEVER changed! I was afraid that we would never find a costume but we DID!

And since Lexi is so tiny I was not able to find a costume in her size. So I had to make hers!

We had a wonderful time Trick or Treating! Landen is already planning what he is going to be next year!


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For Halloween we went Trick or Treating on Fort Bragg with a Nana, Papa, and a few friends. Landen was Buzz Lightyear and enjoyed going door to door getting candy. On post the people who want you to come to their door sit outside, most of them dresses up and there was even a few houses that had haunted houses in their garages. It was very different than anything that I had ever experienced before but we had a lot of fun and plan on doing it again next year.

By the end of the night Landen was getting tired and ended spending most of the trip up on Shane’s shoulders.

Landen enjoyed eating his candy at the end of the night!

We all had a great night!

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We carved I caved a pumpkin for Halloween! Landen showed no interest at all until it I got done and then put a candle inside of it. I just used a template and decided on one that would be easy if Landen wanted to help out(which he didn’t). Finally after I had finished the pumpkin Landen decided that he wanted to see what I was doing and came over to investigate. I think he finally realized what I had done and then he spent all afternoon telling me about the pumpkin sitting on the table.

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Today Landen and I made Halloween cookies shaped like pumpkins, cats, and owls. Landen enjoyed eating the cookie dough while I did all the work!

I even caught him under the table with the empty bowl eating the left over dough….this is something his daddy would do! And while icing the cookies he had no interest in putting the icing on the cookies only in his mouth! Landen defiantly has a sweet tooth, just like his daddy! I cant wait to do this with him again except next time I will use color flow icing instead of butter cream, even though it is a little harder to work with it has a better result on cookies and will allow me to be more creative with the designs. Cant wait until Thanksgiving……we are making Turkey cookies!

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I love the holidays!!! So its Halloween Week!!!! There are so many fun projects we can do as a family and Monday night we did the first project of the week, a Haunted Gingerbread House. It was a fun project however it was a boxed kit and I was not very impressed buy the design or the materials. Shane helped build the house, I decorated it, and Landen helped by eating the icing(by the time we were done he was covered in orange icing). The house is not finished because we ran out of icing but it was a fun time doing a project as a family, and Landen really enjoyed eating the icing!

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