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Over the past 2 days we have been eating some of the juiciest strawberries I have ever eaten.

Where did I get them? Well from this field!

Who picked them? Well these people did!

Landen started picking with him own bucket……

But about 10 mins in he was sitting down on the job!

And while we did all the work Lexi slept in the car with GG (the kids’ great grandmother)

We spent a great day with GG and Nana and got LOTS of strawberries! I think we will be heading back in a few weeks to check out their blueberries!


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Landen and I haven’t baked much since we moved to Georgia. But I got a great new muffin pan for Christmas that I have been waiting to try out, its a jungle animal shaped pan. Landen has been asking for muffins for a few days now so I decided that we would make some this morning.

Landen really enjoys helping me in the kitchen. He always wants to help pour ingredients and mix everything together.

The muffins were tasted really good, but they didn’t really look the way I wanted them too. I think next time I will try icing them so that you can tell what animals they are. Landen really enjoyed eating them we made 10 muffins and he ate all of them TODAY! I guess we will be making more muffins soon.

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Pumpkin Pies!

Here is the finish product, I have helped Nana with this before but never made it from start to finish. I really do have a new appreciation for what Nana has been doing for us for the past 25 years. First I had to prepare the pie, I have always hated making the scalloped edge! I can never get it right!

Then I had to pour the liquid into the pie plate, then bake it for about 45 mins.

I actually made 2 pies, one was for Shane to take to work. By the end of the day I think I was in the kitchen for about 6 hrs STRAIGHT! but it was worth it and Shane was really thankful that I had made pumpkin pies. Thanks to Nana for helping me with my first pie.

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Pumpkin Puree

Ok so its that time of year again, time to start prepping for the holidays! And one of the things that Shane loves at the holidays is Nana’s pumpkin pie, however I have never made the pie from start to finish. This year I decided that I would get a pumpkin specifically to make fresh pumpkin pie from! The first step was to get the fresh pumpkin, I had to cut up the pumpkin and clean out all the seeds, then bake it for 1 hr. After that I had scrape all the pulp out of the the skin and then pureed it in the food processor. It was a long process just to get to this stage but the final product was worth it.

One pumpkin made enough pumpkin puree to make 8 pies. I froze 6 bags for use later and made 2 pies.(pictures of making the pies to come later).

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I enjoy baking and really like making fresh bread, however most of the time I dont have the time to go to the store every day to get fresh bread and I dont have the time to make it fresh. Plus sometimes I have a problem getting my bread to rise especially in the winter! The solution to my problem……a BREAD MACHINE!!!

All I need are these:

And I can make this

and this

and this!
(even though I really haven’t tried this yet!)

We will always have fresh bread in this house and it only takes about 3 hours from start to finish! I cant wait to see all the different types of bread we can make.

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Eating Spaghetti

Last night we were eating Spaghetti and this is how Landen was eating it!

And he was LOVING IT!

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For breakfast he wanted a cupcake! I let him have one after he ate his cereal. He wouldn’t take a bite out of the cupcake instead he would stick his finger in it and then lick it off his finger!

This is what the cupcake looked like after the first few times

This is what it looked like when he was done!

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