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Worth of product $113.01


Total Spent $89.01

Not as good as my last trip but I got some great buys! The pasta I got for $0.24 a box, so I bought 8 boxes of it! I also stocked up on pizzas because I haven’t seen a lot of coupons for them so when I got 4 I figures I should use them! I also got a great deal on paper towels, they were on sale for $6.99  then Publix had a coupon for $2.00 off and I used a $0.25 from PG making it $0.79 a roll! But not a great trip but I was able to stock up on products that we use often A LOT! So not a great trip but not a bad one either. Oh and Publix is running a special right now if you spend $100 you get $10 in gift certificates.

Total Saved to date: $43.46


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Coupon Trip To Publix 1/31

Ok so I have really slacked on the couponing. I have been collecting them but since Thanksgiving I really haven’t been trying to plan and stock what we normally use. So yesterday was my first real trip back to the store with my coupon binder! I am really trying to make an attempt to get better at this couponing thing so wish me luck!

Items bought

2 boxes of Cinniamon Toast Crunch

2 Kraft Italian Dressings

4 bags of Goldfish

2 cans of Rotel

4 jars of Ragu

$37.17 worth of products

Paid $17.71


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I am thankful for the ability to coupon! I have really been able to save some money by shopping strategically and with coupons. For example this last week I was able to save $50 on our groceries. I am still learning but I am slowly getting better!

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Coupons Week 2

So this was 2 weeks ago, but I did really well so I had to post it! I got 8 packs of diapers for $4.80 a pack at CVS. That breaks down to $0.15 a diaper! Cant beat that! Hope y’all are having a wonderful week!

Happy Halloween!

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Coupon Shopping Week 1

This week I hit up CVS. This was done in two different transactions.

Transaction #1

Q-tips @ 1.99 regular price $3.49

Q-tips @ 1.99 regular price $3.49

Bounty 2 roll @ 3.99 regular price $5.29 Coupon -$0.25

Charm Ultra @ 2.99 regular price $4.99 Coupon -$0.25

Gil Fusion razor @ 12.99 Coupon -$5.00

Gil Fusion Carts @32.99

Crest toothpaste @5.49 Coupon -$1.00

Old Spice Deodorant @ 4.89 Coupon -$1.00

I had a $0.50 CVS coupon

Total $59.32 + $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks = $49.32 for $73.62 worth of products 

Transaction 2

Playtex Tampons @ 7.99 regular price $8.49 coupon -$1.00

Playtex Sport Tampons @7.99 regular price $8.49 coupon -$1.00

Nursing Pads @ 10.49

Total $24.47 + $3.00 in ECB = $21.47 for $27.47 worth of product.

Total of the Week $70.79 for $101.09 worth of product

SAVED $30.30 not bad for the first trip!

*note to self remember to read the fine print! Could only get the $3.00 in extra care bucks on 1 pack of tampons! Should have only bought 1 on this trip!


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Ok so I have been playing around with coupons for a while. If I had a coupon for something I was buying then I would use it. But I really haven’t seen that much savings. After read several different books like Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Save Big Money & Make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk!
and The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half: The Strategic Shopping Method Proven to Slash Food and Drugstore Costs and have compared the different styles. I have taken a little bit of advice from both and have figured out what is going to work for me. I have also looked at MANY different websites to get little tips from other people trying to do the same thing. So I have my Coupon Binder, Sales Flyers, and my lists! Hopefully a little bit of extra time in to planning my shopping trips each week will save my family a little bit of money! So we will see how it goes! Wish me luck!


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