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So its my 25th birthday…… well maybe not! But at least I am still in my 20’s!!! And I have been doing lots of thinking about things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. So I have the next 3 years to complete this list.

1) Jump out of an airplane
2) Learn to paint
3) Take a trip to Disney World
4) Become some type of fitness instructor (I dont know what I want to start as but I would love to be certified to teach a bunch of different classes! EVENTUALLY)
5) Learn photography skills
6) Finish up my cross stitched Christmas tree skirt that I started back in July 2009
7) Make Lexi a Christmas stocking to match the other 3 I have finished
8 ) Work on my baking skills
9) Work on my cake decorating skills
10) Learn to airbrush cakes
11) Learn how to make gum paste flowers (cake decorating)
12) Take a trip to Colorado to take Shane and the kids snow skiing (this may not happen before I turn 30 since Lexi will only be 3 but I hope to at least start planning and saving for it!)
13) Start sewing and designing clothing again
14) Start couponing and successfully do it consistently
I am sure I will be adding things to this in the next few years and updating what I have done. We will see how much I can accomplish before I am 30…. thats in about 10 years RIGHT!!!


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So this weekend we had Landen’s birthday party. We wanted to make sure that Shane was able to be here for it, so we had it the weekend before his birthday. We had a Toy Story themed party and he loved it! It was a beautiful day so we got to have the party outside and the kids spent most of the afternoon playing on the swing set.

Then it was time for cake. I made Landen a Buzz Lightyear cake with three Buzz candles which he had a hard time blowing out, but it was fun watching him try. The cake was chocolate with chocolate icing which is Landen’s favorite! And he had a HUGE piece of cake which Papa had to help him shovel into his mouth eat.

Finally it was gift time and Shane helped him open his presents. He received a lot of great gifts from all our friends and family. He has really enjoyed playing with everything he got.

Then it was time for the gift from momma and daddy!

The look on his face was priceless! He immediately climbed on and took off! He has gotten really good at driving it.

Thank you everyone who came to and made Landen’s party very special for him.

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Happy Birthday my wonderful husband!!!!

You are a wonderful husband and father, Landen and I are lucky to have you in our lives. We hope you have a wonderful day and cant wait to enjoy it with you!

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This weekend we attended a birthday dinner honoring Landen’s Great-Grandmother (my grandmother). I was nice to see family that we haven’t seen in a long time, most of them had never met Landen. I was also wonderful to see how happy Memaw was to be surrounded by her sisters and the rest of the family.

Landen helped blow out the candles!

We had a great time visiting with family!

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So today it finally warmed up enough to get outside and play with the new water toys that Landen got for his birthday. As I was trying to put it together Landen decided to have playtime in the box!

I was having some problems putting together the water table, so finally Shane came home and helped out!

Landen had to help!

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For Landen’s 2nd birthday we had his party at Monkey Joe’s, what has a ton of inflatable and obstacle courses. He always has a great time when we go and this time was no different. We all had a wonderful time with family and friends, and can’t wait to do it again next year!

We made him a Blues Clues Birthday Cake!

Shane helped him blow out his candles

Landen enjoyed tearing off all the wrapping paper!

For the Blues Clues themed goody bags I made chocolate suckers, cookies with paw prints and blue rice crispy treats. Landen really enjoyed the Blues Clues theme!

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