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{1} What are 3 must haves for a long road trip?

Ok so it use to be music, candy, and drinks. But I’m a momma now and so my priorities have changed just a little bit. Now we must have videos, juice boxes, and snacks. Ok so the priorities haven’t changed much but they are now to make sure I am not hearing “Momma….” all the time!

{2} What was the destination of your most recent road trip?

The most recent trip was to Atlanta to pick up more of our shit stuff. We have been lucky to not have to travel much in the past few weeks…. its not as much fun when to have 2 small children in the back seat!
{3} What do you miss most about home when on a trip?

My schedule. The kids do so much better when we are in our OWN house. But coming in a close second would have to be my bed! No matter where you are there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

{4} What is the furthest you have traveled on a road trip?
When I was in college I traveled from Statesboro, Ga to Virginia and back with one of my roomies and I traveled to Atlanta to hit up to Music Mid-town then to see my parents and then to see hers. It took us about a week but it was fun and we had a blast together!

{5} Will you “stop for the largest ball of twine, etc” or are you a “hurry and get there” road tripper?

I am a hurry up and get there. I do like to stop at things that are really important especially so that the kids can see different thing but I don’t see a point is visiting the worlds largest whatever!

Hope y’all are having a great week… only 2 more days until the weekend!




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MilSpouse Fill-in

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  1. My plans for Labor Day included THE BEACH, but what really happened was TROPICAL STORM LEE had other plans!.
  2. Call me crazy, but sometimes I just need to Cry
  3. One of the funniest things I’ve seen lately is Landen pretending to play golf with one of Shane’s zip ties! He made it into a club and even had plastic ball he was hitting!
  4. It’s strange, but answering your phone while talking to me drives me crazy while texting while talking is perfectly fine with me!
  5. One, two, buckle my shoe… three, four do your chores.

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6 months? Where did the time go? Lexi is growing and changing everyday. Everyday she is learning or doing something new! How can something that is born so tiny and helpless change in to this little person right before your eyes?

6 Month Stats

Height: 24.5 inches (10%)

Weight: 13lbs 10oz.(10%)

Head: 41 cm (25%)

Physical Developmental Milestones

  1. Can roll from front to back Yes
  2. Can roll over if lying on his back Yes
  3. Gets himself in a sitting position using his shoulder to pull himself Yes
  4. Lifts up his legs into a vertical position Yes
  5. Moves his arms purposefully and hold them up, indicating a wish to be lifted No
  6. Change the angle of his body to reach for an object Yes
  7. Can grab things with both hands and mostly put in his mouth to bite and suck Yes
  8. Reach and grab when a small toy is offered Yes
  9. Explore objects by putting them in his mouth. Yes

I have been introducing solid foods, but she has not been extremely interested in solids so we really haven’t been rushing her. She has tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and green beans. She really only likes sweet potatoes! My next foods to introduce are the fruits, I think my first choice will be avocado, and yes apparently avocado is a fruit, who knew!

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This is a new weekly post that I have decided to link up on. You can head over to *Dandelion Wishes* and check out her post and others who join!

1. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, I love all the family time and traditions. I cant wait to share the family traditions and make new ones with my kids!

2. Do you have any fun holiday traditions? What are they? We set up our tree the day after Thanksgiving and take it down New Years Day. Also everyone gathering at my grandmothers house to celebrate with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
3. When do you start Christmas shopping? I use to wait until the week before Christmas but now that I have 2 kids to shop for I am planning on starting the beginning of October.
4. What is your favorite holiday food? stuffing, but it has to be homemade the stuff that comes out of the box is just not the same!
5. Share a favorite childhood holiday memory putting up the Christmas tree with my mom, and ALL of her ornaments. I always complained (and probably still do) about how many we had to put on. But it is the one thing that I truly remember doing every year.
6. Have you ever actually tried fruitcake?? No but it doesn’t look to appetizing so I don’t plan on trying it anytime in the near future.

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Labor Day

Since Tropical Storm Lee decided to grace us with his presence most of our Labor Day weekend was spend inside! But we made the best of it!

Landen got some board games

And we spent time playing them.

Nana and Papa came to visit! We messed up helped Nana with her school work!

And even took them bowling!

We did make our way to the beach! The normally calm Gulf was not so calm!

And the wind was blowing!

Lee decided to make is presence known even at our house! This is our lake front yard!

The day after Lee, you would have never know anything had happened here!

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I think he watches his daddy just a little to much!

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As always you can head over to Wife of a Sailor and check out what other military spouses are saying!

1) My plans for this weekend include hanging out at the house and possible going bowling, but what I’d really like to do is at the beach but thanks to the tropical depression that doesn’t look like it will happen.
2) I consider the Labor Day holiday end of summer……SAD!.
3) My favorite meal for cookouts is I am actually trying pizza on the grill so it might be pizza after tonight!, but my hubby wouldn’t agree.
4) So far, my favorite part of summer has been well there has been so many this summer! Shane came home, family beach trip, the move! Really been a great summer I am sad for it to end!.
5) When it comes to deployments, my philosophy is be sad and then put on your big girl panties and deal! Your world will only fall apart if you let it!.

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