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Its Wednesday again and its time to head over to Dandelion Wishes and checkout what everyone is saying. This week the questions are all about food! I have to say I like LOVE talking about food so these questions are WONDERFUL!
{1} What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?

Coffee… I know its cliche but I am a mother of 2 with a 6 month old who is still waking up in the middle of the night and a 3 year old who comes and sleeps in my bed EVERY night! Coffee is a must in my world! 
{2} What is your “go to” food when you don’t feel well/need comfort?

Chicken noodle soup! when I dont feel good and tomato sandwiches when I need comfort!
{3} Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?

Lately its been pumpkin pie! Shane’s friends have been requesting it since we moved here. I have already made it like 4 times in the last few months. And let me make this very clear…. THIS IS NOT canned pumpkin! This is real pumpkin! That I scraped out of the pumpkin last year! The canned stuff is just NOT the same!
{4} What are 3 foods you have TRIED, do not like and will NEVER eat again?

Pine nuts Extremely allergic to and its not something that they usually tell you is in their food. Unfortunately I have tried eaten these on more than one occasion!

Oysters!!!! GROSS sorry it you like them but to me they taste like SNOT!

And most hot peppers! I am not a fan of having my mouth on fire!  

and our final question comes from Dee@ HomesickCajun
{5} What’s one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??

Olives I use to eat them right out of the jar. I dont do that anymore but I still LOVE them and will add them to anything…. as long as I think I can sneak it past Shane and Landen!


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Remember if you want to check out what others are planning on eating this week head over to Keeper of the Home.

This week is going to be pretty easy since we will be partying it up this weekend!

Tuesday (9/27): Spaghetti

Wend. (9/28): Pizza

Thurs (9/29)- Sun (10/2): Partying it up!

Monday (10/3): Something easy possible breakfast for dinner.

Hope yall have a wonderful week.

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MilSpouse Fill-in

Another week has come and gone. So its that time again! Remember head over to Wife Of A Sailor and check out what other Military Spouses are saying.

  1. My favorite thing that happened this week was Lexi starting to pull up on EVERYTHING, it is making life a little bit more interesting around here!.
  2. Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll A dirty penny in your pocket.
  3. Autumn is officially here and my favorite part of the season is the changing color of the leaves, but I am not really sure how autumn works here in FL, so I dont know if I will get to see any leaves changing colors this year! .
  4. One of the things I’d like to do before winter arrives is let Landen camp out with his daddy in the backyard, but we need to make sure the snakes and spiders are gone before I will be ok with that!.
  5. I –would/would not/might be willing to participate in MilSpouse Secret Santa. (sorry folks, just trying to get an idea here on how many would participate, so please circle/underline/bold one)Sorry but I get really busy around the holidays and I get a very “one-track” mind so I am not very good when it comes to Secret Santa.

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Remember head over to *Dandelion Wishes* to check out what others are saying.

**** Remember DONT JUDGE ME!!!******

{1} What is your MUST SEE show?

{2} What shows are you most excited to watch this season?

{3} How many hours a week do you actually watch TV?

More than I probably should! I watch the news in the morning and then at least 2 hours at night. And then its usually on in the background while I am cooking, folding clothes or whatever I may be doing at the time.

{4} Do you think TV has gotten too “racy” (vulgar, pushing the limit, etc) ?

I think that TV is pushing the limits. Show like Toddlers and Tiaras that showcase parents dressing their children up like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or Dolly Parton and putting those children up on stage. Why would this TV show put this on TV? Everything on TV is now to shock and get people talking! I have to admit I have watched some of these types of shows. But most of the time I dont want people knowing that I am watching them, so here is a questions, Why would we watch TV shows that we would be embarrassed for other people to know we watch? If we didn’t watch it the shows would have to be more responsible for what they are putting on TV.
{5} How many TVs do you have in your house?

We only have 2. One in the Kids playroom and one in the family room.


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Before we left Fayetteville I had schedules! I had days that I cleaned each room, did laundry, basically anything that I needed to manage our household. One of the most important things that I use to do was menu plan. Menu planning was really important for me to help keep me on budget and so that we didn’t have a lot of food go to waste. But since getting to our new home I just cant seem to get in a groove. So when I came across this post last week at Keeper Of The Home I thought it would help me get back into it. So here we go…Hopefully this will help me get back into the swing of things!

Monday (9/19)

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas with rice and beans

Tuesday (9/20)

Breakfast: Cereal

Dinner: Spaghetti

Wednseday (9/21)

Breakfast: Cereal

Dinner: Birthday Party

Thursday (9/22)

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal

Dinner: BBQ Chicken with steamed Veggies

Friday (9/23)

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal

Dinner: Leftovers

Saturday (9/24)

Breakfast: Pancakes

Dinner: Grilled Pizza

Sunday (9/25)

Breakfast: Eggs, biscuit and gravy

Dinner: Hamburgers with sweet potatoes fries

Monday (9/26)

Breakfast: Cereal/Oatmeal

Dinner: Tacos with rice and beans


Note: This was suppose to be posted on Monday, but due to a sick baby I haven’t really had the time to finish typing it up. Hope y’all are having a great week!



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MilSpouse Fill-in

Here is this weeks fill-in. Remember head over to Wife of A Sailor to see what other Military Spouses are saying!

  1. Right now, our weather is 80-85, but what I’d really like is hotter I dont want summer to end.
  2. I like to let my hair down and dance with my kids
  3. Mommy Rambles made a post about heroes… my hero is my hubby, because he does whatever he has to do to provide for his family even if it takes him away for months at a time
  4. It’s a weird combination, but I swear flip flops  and rain are a perfect pair!(I do have to add a disclaimer! Only if I am not wearing pants, cause then my pants get wet and that is just makes me mad!)
  5. Some may see the glass half empty and others may see it half full, but I pink and shiny .

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Wordless Wednesday

My boys and their new activity together!

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