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Our Easter Weekend!

Visit to the Easter Bunny, taking a picture with 2 is much more difficult than with 1!

Coloring Easter Eggs!

The Easter Bunny was REALLY good to Landen this year!

That silly rabbit hid eggs in the tree house!

Look at ALL my Eggs

My handsome little man!

Trying to get a picture of them together!

It worked better by herself!

Showing off her pretty dress

Take 3!


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So Landen has been potty training for almost 3 weeks and he has done really well peeing in the potty, we have only had a few accidents, some have been after we have been out somewhere and I have forgotten to ask him if he needed to go potty before we left the store. But over the last 5 day Landen has started pooping in the potty and he has EVERYDAY for the last 5 days!!!! I bribed him with a set of cars from the movie CARS and it seemed to work. Now to reward him for continued success I told him that if he keeps pooping and peeing until June 4 we can go to the zoo. (I am not above bribing my child!) We are counting down the days!!!

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Spring is HERE!!! Landen and I stood and watched this bumble bee fly from flower to flower the other day.

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Last Wednesday I had my 6-week post-pregnancy checkup. Everything looked great and I was cleared to start my normal activities (most of which I had already started doing about 3 weeks earlier.) But he did say I could start working out again!!!! I have about 10 lbs to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had Lexi, but I really want to be back down to my weight before I had Landen, so its about 18 lbs total. I really want to tone up my stomach, it was almost completely flat before I got pregnant with Lexi, but the c-section has left a little bump that I really need to work on! So starting today I will be working out as often as possible and after Easter I will begin my diet, well its not really a diet it’s a change in eating habits but I will only be eating 1800 calories. I will be updating as I go along.

6-week checkup

How far along? 6-week post pregnancy
Total weight gain: 10 lbs
Best moment this week: Lexi started smiling at people
Sleep: getting about 4 hours straight
What I miss: I don’t really miss being pregnant right now, asking me in about a year or so!
What I am looking forward to: Taking the kids to see the Easter bunny.

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E 6 months, Lexi 1 month, Landen 3 years

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Lexi at 1 month

Landen at 1 month

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Its been a while since I did one of these posts.

Morning playtime

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