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**Disclaimer* this post talks a lot about Poop!

Last night I decided that we had been hanging out at the house long enough and was ready to get the kids out. We decided to meet our playgroup up at Monkey Joes. I knew that I was going to need plenty of time to get out with both kids by myself, I just didn’t know how much time I was going to need! The morning started out ok, we got up on time, fed Lexi, she went back to sleep and then the problems began. I was getting Landen in the shower when he started talking about poop; it was then when I realized he had pooped on the floor. After getting him in the shower I cleaned up the floor and the cleaned him up. When I was almost finished with him Lexi started screaming from the car seat in the bathroom floor. I dried Landen off and then went to get Lexi when I realized she was covered in poop. Not just a little poop, she was covered from head to toe! So now it was her turn to get a bath! Finally I finished with that, dumped the bath water all over the counter, got it cleaned up and was then able to start getting myself ready. And all of this happened BEFORE I even got to drink my coffee. But we made it out of the house on time and the day could only get better from there, thankfully it did!


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Length: 20 inches
Weight: 7 lbs 14 ox.

She has grown ¾ of an inch in two weeks and gained 11 oz since birth.
She is in about the 75% in weight and about the 75% in length.

Basically over the last two weeks, Lexi sleeps, eats, and poops. She has started developing a sleep pattern, sometime between 10 am and 12pm she eats and then sleeps for about 3 ½ to 4 hours and again at night between 11pm and 2 am she will eat and then sleep for around 4 hours. It has been great that I can get that much sleep at one time. She recognizes voices and will turn her head in the direction of the voice. We are still breast-feeding and it is going very well, she was a natural at it, which has really made my job much easier. She can lift her head up when she is laid on her tummy and tries to turn it from side to side, but sometimes it just is to heavy for her. She really has just fit right into our lives and I cannot imagine what it would be like without her, and it’s only been 2 weeks. I cannot wait to see how much she develops over the next few months, and I cant wait to see what type of personality she has. I have to remind myself to cherish all these moments and not wish her life away because next thing I know I will blink and she will be 3!

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Height: 37 ½ inches
Weight: 33lbs

He is in the 55% in height and 50% in weight.

Landen has developed into such a little person in the last year. He has a very distinct personality and his own opinion about everything! He loves playing outside and pretending play. Most of the time there are pirate ships coming towards his tree house, he even takes pinecones into the tree house to bomb the pirate ship (thanks Shane)! He also enjoys cooking and playing with his trains. His favorite food is Moe’s burritos (this could have something to do with the fact that I craved Moe’s all the time while I was pregnant with him! He also loves grilled cheese. He is into everything and always makes life interesting by finding some new way to keep me on my toes! I love seeing the world through Landen’s eyes; it makes you really appreciate things in a new way.

The doctor asked some developmental questions that I thought were pretty interesting and actually had to ask him to do several of these while in the office.

• Can name pictures in a book? Yes
• Names at least one color? Yes, Landen know the basic colors and can even sign then. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue)
• Knows his name, age, and sex? He knows his name and that he is a boy but we are still working on our age.
• Begins to use pronouns. Yes, not always correctly
• Able to put on his or her own shirt, but needs help with shoes and buttons? Yes, and unfortunately can take it off by himself.
• May be able to ride a tricycle. No but he has the movement down; I think most of it is wanting me to push him.
• Can jump in place and stand briefly on one foot. Yes
• Can open doors? Yes
• More than 50% of the child’s speech is intelligible. Yes
• Understands such words as “cold”, “tired”, “hungry”. Comprehends the meaning of “on or under”, and “bigger or smaller”. Yes, he even tells me its “chilly” momma.

He is growing up so fast; I can only imagine what will change about him in the next year!

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My little man is 3 today, I am not sure where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was wishing for him to walk and talk and now I wish for him to slow down! He has grown so quickly and I feel like if I blink my eyes I will miss the next 3 years of his life. Happy Birthday little man. Mommy and Daddy love you!

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So this weekend we had Landen’s birthday party. We wanted to make sure that Shane was able to be here for it, so we had it the weekend before his birthday. We had a Toy Story themed party and he loved it! It was a beautiful day so we got to have the party outside and the kids spent most of the afternoon playing on the swing set.

Then it was time for cake. I made Landen a Buzz Lightyear cake with three Buzz candles which he had a hard time blowing out, but it was fun watching him try. The cake was chocolate with chocolate icing which is Landen’s favorite! And he had a HUGE piece of cake which Papa had to help him shovel into his mouth eat.

Finally it was gift time and Shane helped him open his presents. He received a lot of great gifts from all our friends and family. He has really enjoyed playing with everything he got.

Then it was time for the gift from momma and daddy!

The look on his face was priceless! He immediately climbed on and took off! He has gotten really good at driving it.

Thank you everyone who came to and made Landen’s party very special for him.

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(WARNING: Post Full of Pictures!)
Lexi had lots of visitors yesterday! All of her grandparents and great grandparents were here to see her.
Lexi and her grandparents!

The Great-Grands

Her Aunt and Uncles also came by.

She is the only girl on Shane’s side of the family.

But most importantly she met her big brother. He thinks she is great, especially since she gave him a new toy, Jessie from Toy Story 2 and 3.

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