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This weekend we went to another Build & Grow Clinic at our local Lowes. We were joined this week by Landen’s cousin Logan, his uncle Andy, and Grandmother Dede. They got to build a Snowman gift card holder picture frame. Landen had a great time showing off his building skills to Dede and spending time with Logan. Landen always enjoys the Build & Grow Clinics but having his cousin there made it extra exciting for him.


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24 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain: 15 lbs (lost 2 at the beginning but have since gained it back, only up 13 lbs from original weight)
Maternity Clothes: I am loving tunics and leggings! So comfortable!
Best moment this week: Taking to Landen about the baby in mommy’s belly and getting his book about being a big brother.
Gender: TEAM PINK!!!!
Sleep: No sleep! Pregnancy insomnia! (maybe I should use this time to pack, but who wants to pack at 3 am!)
Movement: She is not as active as Landen but she gets really active after yoga and then at night after dinner and in the middle of the night when momma is trying to sleep!
Belly button: Still in were is should be but is starting to stretch out
What I miss: Sleeping anyway I want
What I am looking forward to: Landen finally sitting still enough to feel her kick, hopefully she will get more active so he doesn’t have to sit still for so long to feel her.
Milestone: She is now about 1 ½ lbs and about 8 ½ inches long! She can now hear us!

She still doesn’t have a name!!! Which is really stressing me out, I don’t remember it being this hard agreeing on a name with Landen!

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Pumpkin Pies!

Here is the finish product, I have helped Nana with this before but never made it from start to finish. I really do have a new appreciation for what Nana has been doing for us for the past 25 years. First I had to prepare the pie, I have always hated making the scalloped edge! I can never get it right!

Then I had to pour the liquid into the pie plate, then bake it for about 45 mins.

I actually made 2 pies, one was for Shane to take to work. By the end of the day I think I was in the kitchen for about 6 hrs STRAIGHT! but it was worth it and Shane was really thankful that I had made pumpkin pies. Thanks to Nana for helping me with my first pie.

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Pumpkin Puree

Ok so its that time of year again, time to start prepping for the holidays! And one of the things that Shane loves at the holidays is Nana’s pumpkin pie, however I have never made the pie from start to finish. This year I decided that I would get a pumpkin specifically to make fresh pumpkin pie from! The first step was to get the fresh pumpkin, I had to cut up the pumpkin and clean out all the seeds, then bake it for 1 hr. After that I had scrape all the pulp out of the the skin and then pureed it in the food processor. It was a long process just to get to this stage but the final product was worth it.

One pumpkin made enough pumpkin puree to make 8 pies. I froze 6 bags for use later and made 2 pies.(pictures of making the pies to come later).

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I enjoy baking and really like making fresh bread, however most of the time I dont have the time to go to the store every day to get fresh bread and I dont have the time to make it fresh. Plus sometimes I have a problem getting my bread to rise especially in the winter! The solution to my problem……a BREAD MACHINE!!!

All I need are these:

And I can make this

and this

and this!
(even though I really haven’t tried this yet!)

We will always have fresh bread in this house and it only takes about 3 hours from start to finish! I cant wait to see all the different types of bread we can make.

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For Halloween we went Trick or Treating on Fort Bragg with a Nana, Papa, and a few friends. Landen was Buzz Lightyear and enjoyed going door to door getting candy. On post the people who want you to come to their door sit outside, most of them dresses up and there was even a few houses that had haunted houses in their garages. It was very different than anything that I had ever experienced before but we had a lot of fun and plan on doing it again next year.

By the end of the night Landen was getting tired and ended spending most of the trip up on Shane’s shoulders.

Landen enjoyed eating his candy at the end of the night!

We all had a great night!

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We carved I caved a pumpkin for Halloween! Landen showed no interest at all until it I got done and then put a candle inside of it. I just used a template and decided on one that would be easy if Landen wanted to help out(which he didn’t). Finally after I had finished the pumpkin Landen decided that he wanted to see what I was doing and came over to investigate. I think he finally realized what I had done and then he spent all afternoon telling me about the pumpkin sitting on the table.

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