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Landen loves being outside, but its been so hot around here that there has been more indoor playtime. While playing outside the other day Landen decided he knew how to cool himself off and everyone else.

Turning on the water and getting the water hose!

Spraying everyone else with the water!

Spraying himself with the water hose

Landen all WET!!!!!

This is how Landen BEATS THE HEAT!!!!!


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Here are some Father’s Day pictures I haven’t had a chance to put up yet. We had an amazing Father’s Day spending time with family.

Shane cooking on the grill.

Landen collecting pine cones in the backyard.

Landen and all of his pine cones, he wanted to bring them in the house!

Logan, (Landen’s cousin) watching TV in the living room.

All of the guys got together and build these train tracks in the living room

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On Saturday we made our weekly trip to Lowes for the Build & Grow clinic.

This week we made a Monster Truck!

Helping Dad hammer!

Putting on the stickers with Mom and Dad.

Putting the wheel stickers on the car

Showing off what they made.

The Final Project

Playing with the Monster Truck!

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Landen’s weekly trip to Lowes! This week they make a picture frame for Father’s Day.

The final project

We then went home and painted it.

It was interesting colorful when we got done!

I have a little artist on my hands!

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Hide & Seek

Where does Landen like to hide when mommy is looking for him?????

See the little hand???

Mom you found me!!!!!

Guess I need a new hiding spot!!!!

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Our Preschool Prep color of the week is Green, so yesterday Landen wore his new outfit! We spent all day talking about all the green dinosaurs all over his outfit! He loved telling me the dinosaurs say “Rrrrrrrrrrrr”.

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Landen received a Toy Story Bubble Gun from his DeDe, so we spent the morning outside chasing bubbles! Landen would use the gun to blow the bubbles and then try chasing after them at the same time; he was having a hard time catching them! But it was really fun to watch him try!

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