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So at 7:30 in the morning Landen thinks he should do THIS!!



Yes at 7:30 in the morning Landen wanted to go in the pool for a swim in his PJ’s!


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Last night I completed Wilton Cake Decorating Course 2. In this course we learned how to make several types of flowers; Rosebuds, Chrysanthemums, Apple blossoms, violets, Victorian Roses, Daisies, Daffodils, Pansies, and Primroses. We also learned different techniques; working with color flow (a liquid form of icing that hardens when exposed to air), the rope, and basket weave.

Here are pictures of my finished cake.

And of coarse I can post an entry without a picture of Landen! He wanted to, in his words, “HELPME” ice my cake. This is what he looked like when I was done!

See the icing in his hand!

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A few weeks ago, when we were in GA, I took Landen to the Disney store at the Mall of Georgia (He is really into Buzz Lightyear right now!). They were running a sale, everything was 40% off, I needed to get Landen some summertime pajamas but because of the sale we ended up leaving with a lot more!!!!

Landen’s PJs (I got him 7 sets, 3 are Toy Story)

Landen’s Toy Story beach towel

Landen’s Buzz Lightyear Plate! (He loves eating of it, always asking for his B plate!)

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On Saturday we made our weekly morning trip to Lowe’s! (well every week they have a B&G workshop going on!) I have never been with Shane and Landen because its usually boys morning out, so it was fun I got to see Landen work on his project, this week’s project was a catapult.

Here is the finished project, it had a ball that goes with it but the ball doesn’t stay on it very well! But it launches it pretty far; Landen and I have had fun seeing how far we can shoot the ball.

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A Baby No More

Monday night Landen climbed out of he’s bed at 3:30 in the morning! So we decided that it was time to move him to a toddler bed! Landen was really excited about changing his crib into a toddler bed, so excited that when Shane took the side of the crib off Landen yelled “YAY!!!!”

Jumping on the bed!

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We spent time with Aunt Kristin on Saturday, playing in the pool!

Landen wanted to float in the water just like Aunt Kristin.

First we got him to jump into the float.

Then he got brave and wanted to jump off the edge without the float!

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Friday, Nana played hooky from school and we all headed up to INK in Gainesville, GA.  INK is a hands-on children’s museum where kids can role-play and learn through practical experiences. They have a grocery store, a dentist office, a post office, and a restaurant, just to name a few. There is over 2500 sq ft of play space, including room for a real airplane (which Landen REALLY enjoyed!).

Our first stop was the grocery store, there were mini shopping carts and all the shelves were lined with all sorts of food, there was even a butcher section. Landen was only interested in the fruits and veggies, he grabbed all of the veggies, except the broccoli then headed to the fruit where be made sure that he grabbed all of the bananas and all of the apples! When we tried to show him that there were chocolate milk bottles he told us “GONE” and threw the milk bottle back in the freezer!

Our next stop was the trains! They had a Thomas table set up so Landen stopped and played with them for a while. They also had a big train that you could push a button and it would whistle. Next it was on to the remote control train town! There were buttons all over the town that made different parts of it work; there was even a McDonalds drive thru.

Next we were off to the fire truck. At first I wasn’t sure he was going to play on it, he seemed more interested in the stuffed dog, but then he climbed on up. Of coarse he grabbed on to the wheel and started driving.

Then we were off to the police car! When he climbed into the car the first thing he did was push the buttons that turned on the lights! Then he climbed in the back seat and tried to buckle his seat belt. All I could think was “I hope this is not a sign of things to come!”

We got to MILK A COW!!!!

AND FLY A PLANE!!! This was one of his favorite parts, especially when Papa was showing him how to fly it.

Landen’s favorite part of the whole day was the indoor playground. Nana, Papa, and I took turns climbing thru it with him.

We had a great time at INK and can’t wait to go back sometime soon!

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