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The Trip Home!

Our trip home after our weekend in Georgia was very exciting. We brought Josh, Shane’s brother back to North Carolina with us, and this made for an interesting car ride. When we first got into the car Josh fell asleep, Landen wasn’t happy about it and started trying to hit Josh to make him wake up.

Once Josh woke up he covered Landen with all of his shirts! Landen was really enjoying hiding from Josh.

Landen eventually fell asleep holding Josh’s hand.

We stopped at Landen’s grandmother’s house on our way home! It was nice to get to see all of the family. The boys played basketball, while Landen drove Logan’s car.

Of coarse Landen had to drive his car in the middle of the game!

Then he discovered a large puddle of water, of coarse he had to run thru it!

He really enjoyed playing in the water!

We also got to visit the horses that live down the road. We tried to get Landen to pet them but he wasn’t sure about it.

By the time we headed home both Landen and Josh were tired and both fell asleep on the ride home.


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This weekend we attended a birthday dinner honoring Landen’s Great-Grandmother (my grandmother). I was nice to see family that we haven’t seen in a long time, most of them had never met Landen. I was also wonderful to see how happy Memaw was to be surrounded by her sisters and the rest of the family.

Landen helped blow out the candles!

We had a great time visiting with family!

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Eating Spaghetti

Last night we were eating Spaghetti and this is how Landen was eating it!

And he was LOVING IT!

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For breakfast he wanted a cupcake! I let him have one after he ate his cereal. He wouldn’t take a bite out of the cupcake instead he would stick his finger in it and then lick it off his finger!

This is what the cupcake looked like after the first few times

This is what it looked like when he was done!

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So we started our week 1 lessons. The theme for the week is Cows so we made decorated a pot to look like a cow. Landen’s pot didn’t come out very well, he put the spots on the cow but while they were drying he decided to take them all off.  But at least he had fun putting them on and taking them off!

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Shane had to go back to work full time so Landen and I are starting a Preschool Preparatory Curriculum. Every week has an overall theme and then each day focuses on a specific theme.

Week 1 Theme- Cows

Tuesday: vocabulary word- calf and gross motor skills activity

Wednesday: Shape/Color- square

Thursday: Letter- A

Friday: Number- 1

Saturday: Nursery Rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle

Each day we will be doing activities to reinforce the themes for the day.

This is his Learning Board!

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This is what I wake up to every morning! He loves having his picture taken!


What a wonderful little man I have!!! I love my life!

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