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Trip To Get Diapers!

Ok, so yesterday I made the mistake of taking Shane and Landen with me to pick up diapers at Babies-R-Us. Like always while I was getting the diapers, Shane and Landen headed over to the Toys-R-Us side to checkout the new toys. They headed straight for the Geotrax areas, which were all on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free!  Of coarse we had to get some, how can you pass up a BOGO event!

So we ended up with this!

and this

and this

and this

and this

Landen has had a great time helping his daddy put together his town

And playing with them!


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So we went to Landen’s 2yr checkup today. She said he was developmentally on track. He is 35 inches tall (90 percentile) and weighs 28.75 lbs (50 percentile). He only had to get one shot and his finger pricked, he did really well with both! We dont have to go back for another checkup until he is 3 years old!

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Landen loves his pizza and his sunglasses, these were taken the other day while we were at Cici’s Pizza.“Pizza, Pizza”

“Cool Dude!”

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Happy Birthday PAPA!

Today is Papa’s 63 birthday, I just dont think he knows it!

Happy Birthday! We love you

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I Can Help!

So Shane was working out in the yard again the other day planting some bushes in our new flowerbed, Landen thought that his daddy needed help! In the end Landen was covered in dirt!

He really enjoyed playing in the dirt, I however didn’t enjoy cleaning up the mess!

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So today it finally warmed up enough to get outside and play with the new water toys that Landen got for his birthday. As I was trying to put it together Landen decided to have playtime in the box!

I was having some problems putting together the water table, so finally Shane came home and helped out!

Landen had to help!

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The first step in our renovations is the front yard so for the last two days Shane has been ripping out weeds, cutting back bushes, trimming back trees and laying cement stones! He has been working so hard but it is paying off and the yard is looking amazing!

Shane working in the yard

Landen wanted to help!

Our new flowerbed

The new stones we used.
Paint colors for the outside of the house. Now we have to decide which one!

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